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Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals, and microorganisms. Based on an understanding of DNA, scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Bio stimulants foster plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed germination to planting maturity in a number of demonstrated ways, such as:

  •  Improving the efficiency of plant metabolism increasing yield and crop quality.
  • Increasing pant tolerance to and recovery from abiotic stress
  • Facilitating nutrient assimilation, translocation and use.
  • Enhancing quality attribute of products like sugar content, color, seed quality.
  • Rendering water use more efficient
  • Enhancing soil fertility

iQFORTE® is a natural extract whose active materials are oligopeptides and free amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis from highly energetic seeds. iQFORTE® has a great fertilizer and biostimulant action that regulates the plant metabolism in a natural and balanced way. 

  •  Strengthen the root system
  • Enhance nutrients uptake, transport, and mobilization of minerals.
  • Stimulate the vegetative growth.
  • Uniformity of flowering and fruiting.
  • Improve the quality parameters of fruits.
  • Prepare the plant against stress conditions.