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Laboratory Safety

Pro Lab Corp offer HPLC Solvent Reservoir Bottle amber and clear, HLPC Solvent Waste items including EZwaste® HD carboys and bottles, exhaust filters, cap kits, replacement fittings, and secondary containers. Safety Cans made from polyethylene material and designed for laboratory safety. EZwaste® offers high quality safety funnels tested and guaranteed to provide overfill protection. Safety Vent Carboys designed to safely collect wastes from HPLC machines. Foxx Life Sciences’ Vactrap™ is the world’s most advanced vacuum trap system, ideal for protecting vacuum lines and users, Vactrap™ safely contains waste produced during supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, Vactrap™ comes ready to use, and fully assembled. Simply attach to your vacuum source and begin your experiment.