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About Us

About us

Pro Lab Supply Corp was created in 2000, currently we distribute reagents, consumables and laboratory equipment for molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular diagnostics, quality control, tissue culture, forensic as well as genomics, proteomics and in vitro fertilization centers. We represent companies of recognized trajectory and, together with them, we are committed to the development and productive efficiency in science.

Our Mission and vision:

Promote among our clients the advances in the different areas of the life sciences that can contribute to improve the tools of their laboratories and contribute to the development of the projects undertaken by each of our clients.

Consolidate as an alternative development technology in biotechnological research and production, providing state of the art products backed by a quality system that allows to achieve high reliability results over time.


Corporate values:

 Distribute lines of products and services with the best technology for the development and improvement of the research, development and production projects of our clients.

Committed to an excellent service in offices, guarantees and after-sales service.

Integrity: act with firmness, rectitude, honesty and sincerity in each of our processes.