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Educational Discount

At Pro Lab Supply, we understand the critical role that educational institutions play in our society. Your pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and public service is commendable, and we believe in supporting your endeavors wholeheartedly.

To demonstrate our commitment to your success, we are pleased to inform you that Pro Lab Supply offers special discounted pricing exclusively for educational institutions. These discounts are designed to help you access the high-quality laboratory equipment, supplies, and services you need while managing your budget efficiently.

Our product range includes a wide variety of laboratory essentials, from plasticware and reagents to instrumentation, safety equipment, and more. We consistently strive to provide products that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that your research and educational activities are conducted with the utmost precision and safety.

To take advantage of these special discounts, we have many options:


Purchase Orders or RFQ


We accept Government and Institutional purchase orders and are capable of processing RFQ requests. Our Dun & Bradstreet number is 876584892; CAGE/NCAGE number 85YU1. And you can download our W9 here.

Please email your RFQ or Purchase Order to Our sales team will respond to your request promptly with an official price quote, product information, and shipping options.


Online Orders

To take advantage of the Educational discount online, please follow the next steps:

1.- If you haven’t registered on our web page, you can do so by using the following link : Sign Up, Please use your email ".edu". If you are already registered go to step 2.

2.- Contact us by phone, email ( or WhatsApp and let us know that you just signed up and want to have the educational discount. Please give us your email ".edu"

3.- Our Sales Team will verify your information and will add the discount to your account.

4.- Once the discount has been set up, just log on to our web site and the products will show your discount.


Hosted or Punchout Catalog

We are excited to inform you that Pro Lab Supply is fully prepared to initiate the integration of our online catalog with your eProcurement solutions. Sush as


Our team has diligently worked to ensure a seamless and efficient integration process that will benefit both parties by streamlining the procurement process and enhancing the overall user experience. This integration will enable our clients to browse, select, and purchase products from our catalog directly within your system, providing them with greater convenience and accessibility to your offerings.

To move forward with this integration, we kindly request your technical team's support contacting our sales team (