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Petri Dishes for bacteriology and microbiology, sizes 150 x 15 mm, 100 x 5 mm, 90x 15 mm and 60 x 15m beveled stacking rings, Sterile, Optical clear polystyrene with consistently flat bottoms. Designed for easy one hand opening and closing . Edges of tops and bottoms are squared off to provide a firm sure grip. Dishes have four to six venting ribs on the underside of the lid. To prevent condensation, build up. Gamma ray sterile. All products undergo strict sterilization process to completely remove potential presence of any unwanted microorganisms, and in turn increase the reliability of your experimental results. Disposable Loop and Needle consists of a loop on one side and a needle on the other, used for the inoculatin of microorganisms. Two different sizes are available, For microbe inoculation, Dual purpose: a loop on one end and needle on the other, Color coded for sizes (White for 1㎕, Blue for 10 ㎕). Disposable spreader is used for spreading microorganisms, which is sterilized before the release.