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    ACTGene Powder LE Agarose Multi-purpose

    HyAgarose™ LE Agarose, Multi-purpose HyAgarose™ LE Agarose is a low EEO, multi-purpose, standard melting point agarose thatyields high resolution sharp DNA bands with high clarity and low background. Its optimized gel strenghth enhances ease of gel...

    $99.99 - $399.99
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  • IBI 3:1 Super Sieve Agarose

    IBI 3:1 Super Sieve Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 For separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1500bp Sharp and finely resolved bands Low background for better transparency High transference for DNA fragments 154 – 2176bp in 4% gels Low DNA binding DNase- and RNase-Free IBI 3:1 Super...

    $108.83 - $710.50
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  • IBI Basic Agarose

    IBI Basic Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 Certified for standard electrophoresis procedures Excellent gel strength and clarity Economical alternative for basic electrophoresis procedures Lot-to-lot consistency DNase- and RNase-Free IBI Basic Agarose is a molecular biology grade...

    $75.32 - $3,194.93
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  • IBI Low Melting Point Agarose

    IBI Low Melting Point Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 Lower gelling and melting temperature than standard agarose Lower gel strength than standard agarose while still easy to handle Higher gel transparency than standard agarose Greater sieving capacity than standard agarose Separates and...

    $101.75 - $2,777.77
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  • IBI P.F.G.E. Agarose

    IBI P.F.G.E. Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 Designed for pulse field gel electrophoresis and cell and enzyme immobilization Separates and finely resolves molecules >1000bp Extremely high gel strength Greater thermal stability Low absorption of staining agents DNase- and...

    $36.74 - $841.72
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  • IBI Standard Agarose

    IBI Standard Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 Extraordinary mechanical resistance Low absorption of staining reagents Excellent transparency for high visibility Greater thermal stability due to high hysteresis Lot-to-lot consistency DNase- and RNase-Free FREE UPS Ground Shipping!!...

    $41.82 - $3,359.61
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  • IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose

    IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose

    CAS#: 9012-36-6 For separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1200bp High resolution of short PCR products High visibility and clarity Excellent gel strength for blotting procedures DNase- and RNase-Free IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose is designed for molecular...

    $128.73 - $755.42
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