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Cell Culture Imaging

Our imaging plastics line of products include the best tools to carry out your research project, include Black Plate has low auto-fluorescence, White Plate is suitable for obtaining amplified signals in a luminescence assay. Surfaces are made on glass: naturally charged, good growth surface for adherent cells; Flux: surface modified plastic film (188 μm thick), optimal for confocal microscopy and PS : thinner than existing PS plate, good for cell attachment and microscopic observation
Cell Culture Slide Hybridwell™ is a combination of conventional cell culture flask and single well slide, providing better and safer handling of samples; Coverslips is FLux film, exhibiting superior cell attachment with optimal thickness for high resolution microscopy,optimal for confocal microscopy.
SPL’s Cell Culture Slides I and II are designed for various cell-based experiments and are also useful for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments, confocal microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, live cell imaging and micro-manipulations.
Products for cell imaging are all Non – pyrogenic, Non – cytotoxic, DNase / RNase – free and Human DNA – free