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Position: Sales Engineer

Duties: Collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements, to promote the sale of
company laboratory equipment, and to provide sales support. Plan and modify laboratory
equipment configurations to meet customer needs. Confer with laboratory managers to assess
equipment needs and to determine system requirements. Prepare and deliver technical
presentations that company laboratory equipment or services to customers and prospective
customers. Arrange for demonstrations or trial installations of laboratory equipment. Develop,
present, or respond to proposals for specific customer requirements, including request for
proposal responses and specific solutions related to laboratory equipment. Provide technical
support and services to clients or other staff members regarding the use, operation, and
maintenance of laboratory equipment. Recommend improved laboratory equipment to clients,
documenting how such changes will lower costs or increase efficiency. Develop sales plans to
introduce products in new markets...Diagnose problems with installed laboratory equipment.
Provide information needed for the development of custom-made laboratory equipment.
Document account activities, generate reports, and keep records of business transactions with
customers and suppliers. Keep informed on industry news and trends, products, services,
competitors, relevant information about legacy, existing, and emerging technologies, and the
latest product-line developments. Identify resale opportunities and support them to achieve sales
plans. Write technical documentation for products.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering or Biomedical Technology or
foreign degree equivalent, and 2 years of experience on the job or in sales of laboratory

Job Location: Hialeah, FL
Contact: Paolo Paparcuri at