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Buffer Components

  • IBI Ammonium Acetate – 500 g

    CAS# 631-61-8 Used in the precipitation of nucleic acids Ammonium acetate is a salt commonly used in the precipitation of nucleic acids. The presence of 2.5 M NH4OAc in the precipitation reaction causes ionically bound contaminants to dissociate from...

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  • IBI Boric Acid - 2.5 Kg

    CAS# 10043-35-3 For use in Tris-Borate electrophoresis buffer systems Boric acid is an ingredient in the Tris-Borate buffer systems used in high voltage electrophoresis. Boric acid powder can be used to make a concentrated stock solution of Tris-Boric...

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  • IBI Formamide, Blot Wash – 500 ml

    CAS# 75-12-7 Used in blot washing procedures to remove background hybridization Blot Washing Formamide is suitable for blot washing procedures to remove background hybridization. Formamide is supplied distilled, deionized, and packaged under nitrogen...

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  • IBI Formamide, Spectral Grade

    CAS# 75-12-7 Used in hybridization, electrophoresis applications, and to denature DNA and RNA Spectral Grade Formamide is used as a denaturant in hybridization and is used in hybridization buffers made from standard recipes. Formamide separates the two...

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  • IBI Glycerol

    IBI Glycerol

    Glycerol Glycerol is used in gel formation of polyacrylamide gels for electrophoresis as well as sample preparation. Concentrations of 5% – 10% will increase sample density so that the sample will layer the bottom of the gel’s sample well. Glycerol is...

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  • IBI Glycine

    IBI Glycine

    CAS# 56-40-6 For use in polyacrylamide buffer systems Glycine is a neutral amino acid and is the primary component in polyacrylamide buffers. During the process of separation the glycine forms an electrical front which pulls the macromolecules along...

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  • IBI Guanidine HCl – 500 g

    CAS# 50-01-1 Ionic detergent that denatures most proteins and used to isolate RNA Guanidine HCl is an ionic detergent that rapidly and effectively denatures most proteins. It is also used in the isolation of RNA. Physical...

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  • IBI Guanidine Thiocyanate – 500 g

    CAS#593-84-0 Used in the isolation of RNA Guanidine thiocyanate is used in the isolation of RNA. Physical SpecificationsCAS#: 593-84-0Formula Weight: 118.16Molecular Formula: CH5N3-CHNSPurity: Min. 99.0%Melting Point: 118-121° CSolubility (70%...

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  • IBI HEPES, Free Acid

    IBI HEPES, Free Acid

    CAS# 7365-45-9 For use in polyacrylamide electrophoresis buffer systems. Ideal cell culture buffer. Maintains physiological pH in cell culture applications. HEPES powder is a zwitterionic biological buffer ideally suited for cell culture due to its...

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  • IBI HEPES, Sodium Salt – 100 g

    CAS# 75277-39-3 For use in polyacrylamide electrophoresis buffer systems and cell culture buffers HEPES is a zwitterionic buffer ideally suited for cell culture in a range of 10 to 25 mM. HEPES has a buffering range of pH 6.8 to 8.2. HEPES is also a...

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